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Whether buying or selling calls or puts, options contracts come in all shapes and sizes. Options traders have traditionally been known as the compulsive gamblers of the financial world. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With understanding, one can be very successful trading options. It’s that understanding that these blogs seek to provide.





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Howard Lindzon: My current start-up is called Stocktwits and I am a co-founder and now Chairman after 5 years as CEO.  Trends… Find them, ride them and get off.

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Daily Options Report

Provides several posts a day offering commentary on general issues involving options trading, specific news relating to options, and links to commentary and discussions about options strategies.

Option Spot

Option Spot focuses on option strategies and trade recommendations heavily influenced by technical analysis. Option spot also offers trading advice with regards to economics, discipline, and risk management.

New Option Trader

Reducing the risk of loss by taking a position through options or futures opposite to the current position they hold in the market.

Notable Calls

Each morning notablecalls.blogspot.com highlights a handful of trading calls from several Wall Street’s largest brokerage houses.