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Howard Lindzon: My current start-up is called Stocktwits and I am a co-founder and now Chairman after 5 years as CEO.  Trends… Find them, ride them and get off.

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Warrior Trading

Why mirror trade when you can learn day trading strategies for yourself? The simple answer is no, you can’t make a living mirror trading. The practice of “mirror trading”, attempting to follow the trades of another trader, is not a sustainable or profitable strategy. In it’s core, it is a flawed concept. You will never meet a trader who has made his or her a living by simply “mirroring” another trader. Any trading service that claims you can successfully mirror them is misleading you. The problem is that you will always buy higher and sell lower because there is a delay between their alert and your entry. The margins for success in trading can be so tight that this lag time eats into profitability. Most alert services focus on feeding you alerts vs teaching your day trading strategies for independent trading. The reason I know this isn’t a sustainable strategy is because Jeff and I both tried mirror trading as beginners. I lost over $30k following other traders. And guess what? As I lost 30k the leaders were posting winners. Where was the disconnect? Due to the delay in alert delivery your winners will be smaller and your losers will be bigger.

Invest 2 Success

Invest2Success “Profit Rockets” Stock Picks Monthly Subscription Email Service The Invest2Success “Profit Rockets” Stock Pick Service provides subscribers low-risk high-reward long and short stock trading picks sent to your email based on strong increasing or decreasing earnings along with their respective stock prices for NYSE and Nasdaq market stocks. Stock Picks Every Trading Day Stock picks are emailed to subscribers every day before the US Market opens each morning. One buy long and one sell short stock picks per day are selected and emailed to subscribers. The most important is that these are what we consider as low-risk high-reward stock picks with current strong price movement. Picking Stocks Ready to Launch The “Profit Rockets” Service selects stocks that have increasing or decreasing earnings, and have already started an initial strong price uptrend or downtrend. The system picks selected stocks that are getting ready to make a potentially strong and extended price move after the initial beginning price move has begun. Trade Plans for Profitable Success in the Long-Term “Profit Rockets” stock trade picks include buy entry, stop-loss, take profit price area targets. Managing Trades On average for most stock traders is that stock trading results in one-third of your trades being profit winners, one-third being breakeven trades, and one-third being losing trades. The key to long-term trading profitable success is to keep your losers small and your winners large. This is done using trade management techniques using support resistance, moving averages, and ATRStop to name a few. Optimizing trade management can greatly increase overall gains and reduce total overall risk. There are multiple trade management techniques that you can...

ETF Central

Daily and weekly updates with a quantitative focus on the overall market as seen through the ETF and CEF markets. Often features a number of other more sophisticated and unique reports such as minimum spanning trees and risk-adjusted performance measures.

Howard Lindzon

This blog is a discussion of trends in the global markets and the venture Capital markets.