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It doesn’t matter if all the lemmings are running the same way–they all end up falling off a cliff. By discerning where the general sentiment doesn’t match the facts, one can make investment decisions that will really pay off. “A sucker’s born every minute”, but it doesn’t have to be you.



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Vitaliy Katsenelson was profiled in Barron’s, and have been interviewed by Value Investor Insight, Welling@Weeden, BusinessWeek, BNN, CNBC, and countless radio shows.

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The Prudent Investor

This is a must see video for all gold bugs as it raises the important question of who would ultimately benefit from a gold standard…and arrives at the answer that a silver standard would would be more benefactorial for the 99%.

The Peridot Capitalist

An investment blog brought to you by Peridot Capital Management LLC, a St. Louis based investment advisory firm. Talks about the contrarian investment strategies utilized by the firm in managing their clients money.

Contrarian Edge

Written by Financial Times, Minyanville, and Motley Fool Contributor Vitaliy Katsenelson. Contains his articles from those publications, as well as more exclusive content for the blog. Look here for high-quality analysis and thoughtful, detailed, and complete articles on a number of issues involved in investing.

Stock Market Prognosticator

An alternative view of events in today’s financial markets with an emphasis on Value and Contrarian Investing.

The Stalwart

The Stalwart is a blog written by Joseph Weisenthal, covering such topics as stocks, business, economics, politics, technology, gambling, chess, poker, economics, current events, music, math, Chinese food, science, randomness, kurtosis, sports, evolutionary fitness, and anything else of the author’s choosing. The words contained herein are the author’s own, not affiliated with any other firm or employer.