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Tired of just trading equities? These blogs deal with issues surrounding the exciting world of commodities derivatives and futures.





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CT has developed an information solution website, for on-line collaboration called a “Collective Blog”. It’s a dynamic, interactive community of people who share a common interest in the various diverse categories of futures, options and commodities.


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Gold and Energy Advisor

James DiGeorgia, the publisher and editor of Gold and Energy Advisor, was a wunderkind, a self-made millionaire before he turned 21, turning a hobby of coin collecting he began at the age of seven into a multimillion dollar business while still a teenager. Remarkably, James launched his first rare coin business, Gem Coins, in Connecticut in 1976 in Danbury’s North Street shopping complex while he was still a junior in high school.

Daily Reckoning

Whiskey & Gunpowder offers independent analysis on the commodities, oil, hard currency, and other sectors. Featuring daily updates on the big picture trends that control the American economy, Whiskey & Gunpowder is a fiercely independent and sometimes amusing liberty-based economics newsletter. The editorial team of Byron King, Dan Amoss, Jim Amrhein, Michael Shedlock, Greg Grillot and contributors such as Steve Sarnoff, Edmond J. Bugos, Marc Faber, and Kevin Kerr cover factors that affect economics including, but not limited to politics, technology, nature, history, and anything else our writers could possibly dream up.

Commodity Trader

Many people think that commodity futures markets are just about speculating or “gambling.” While it is true that futures markets can be used for speculating, that is not the primary reason for their existence. Commodity Futures markets are actually designed as vehicles for hedging and risk management, that is, to help people avoid “gambling” when they don’t want to.