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General Market


General Market: Our largest category features Blogs that have general market news and commentary as their primary focus. These blogs are useful to get an overview of what’s being said about the market each day.

Technical Analysis


Technical Analysis: Using charts, technical indicators, and mathematical analysis, technical analysis blogs focus on disciplined trading strategies. By pinpointing entry and exit points, technical analysts seek to maximize profit and minimize emotional involvement in their trades.

Fundamental Analysis


Fundamental Analysis: Why would you buy anything if you didn’t think it was valuable? Fundamental analysis preaches understanding of the underlying value and potential for any stock that you purchase. By doing your homework, you can make wise investment decisions time and time again.



Commodities: Tired of just trading equities? These blogs deal with issues surrounding the exciting world of commodities derivatives and futures.



Options: Whether buying or selling calls or puts, options contracts come in all shapes and sizes. Options traders have traditionally been known as the compulsive gamblers of the financial world. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With understanding, one can be very successful trading options. It’s that understanding that these blogs seek to provide.

Contrarian Investing


Contrarian Investing: It doesn’t matter if all the lemmings are running the same way–they all end up falling off a cliff. By discerning where the general sentiment doesn’t match the facts, one can make investment decisions that will really pay off. “A sucker’s born every minute”, but it doesn’t have to be you.



Miscellaneous: We put everything here that doesn’t quite fit in any other category. Look around–This category is a collection of surprises!



Forex: Got a yen to trade yen? Forex Blogs focus on issues specific to foreign currency exchange.

Emerging Growth


Emerging Growth: TDM Financial Blogs featuring content from a variety of niche investment categories; OTC, Biotech, China, Green Investing, and Energy Stocks.